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I'm Back!

Holy cow that was a wild ride! First let me say that Motherhood is crazy. I thought hey, I've owned a business, how hard can having a kid be? Turns out, hella hecka hard!

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Depressed? Then Move Your Liver Qi!

A lot of people ask me if acupuncture can help treat depression. The short answer is yes but each individual has a unique set of symptoms that are clues into to the root cause of those symptoms. Here is a general description of how Chinese Medicine works for depression.

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Coconut-Cashew Yogurt Recipe

New research suggest that having healthy microflora can keep your brain healthy as well. Plus, it’s much cheaper to make your own yogurt than it is to buy it in the store. Homemade yogurt guarantees high quality ingredients and yields a higher beneficial bacteria count than store bought yogurt. There are no additives and no waste of plastic containers. You will win all around when making your own yogurt.

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Jennifer K. on Yelp
Dawna is hands down one of the nicest practitioners you will ever meet. She truly cares about her patients and is an excellent listener.

– Jennifer K. on Yelp

Jedi W. on Yelp
Her knowledge of herbal remedies was also a great addition and have been enjoying a new-found energy level, reduced tension and greater alertness since just the first session.

– Jedi W. on Yelp

Melissa S. on Yelp
I have absolutely no reservation referring anyone to her, including my own parents who are now also patients of hers.

– Melissa S. on Yelp

Luis V. on Yelp
She was very attentive and extremely intuitive about the sources and causes of my pain.

– Luis V. on Yelp